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CSIS QA Analyst/Specialist

Munkavégzés helyeBUDAPEST, Budapest, Hungary PP Adecco

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KategóriaBanking and Insurance

CSIS QA Analyst/Specialist

Job Description:
•Perform monitoring assessments on a Global level to evaluate compliance with corporate policies, standards, guidelines, and related control practices to ensure adherence with internal business requirements.
• Review risk levels and self-assessment methodologies, evaluating control design, test results, test execution, evidence, and evaluation.
• Develop testing methodologies, including interviews, observations, analytics, walk-throughs, and attribute sampling.
• Create written reports based upon proven practices or lessons learned from previous monitoring results.
• Recommend actions needed and possible improvements for each process evaluated.
• Define properly correlate control requirements which are needed to ensure adherence to internal procedures definitions.
• Develop several types of analysis (static, dynamic, predictive, proactive, post mortem) to perform QA activities according to specific business needs.
• Participate in periodic Global QA committee meetings to provide feedback and share results.
• Provide training to internal customers based upon the results of quality assurance work within a reasonable time period, while reinforcing monitoring requirements and corresponding training course materials.
• Monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPIs), Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Success Indicators (KSIs) to keep track on each of the processes evaluated.
  • competitive salary package
  • home office opportunity
  • supportive and friendly international team
  • work-life balance
  • flexible working hours
  • personal and professional development

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