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Assessment Center

Adecco assess employees’ competences by means of a wide range of techniques adapted to a particular workplace, with the purpose of identifying systematically and objectively certain personal features to enhance employees chances of selection or professional development.

The evaluation reports will also include information regarding individual communication skills, the need for instruction and training, as well as solutions for improving staff activity and making it more efficient.

General Staffing

Quite often, every company requires additional personnel for various reasons, such as seasonal activity, unplanned orders, launching new products, fairs and exhibitions, maternity leaves, accidents, medical or annual leaves.

Adecco can make it easier for you, if you find yourself in one of these situations, by being responsible for recruiting and selecting the necessary staff. Moreover, being a legal employer, Adecco will take care of the staff administrative management.

Global Mobility

We come to the aid of our partners with assistance regarding:

  • Employment/ deployment procedure of EU/ Non-EU citizens
  • Recognition of study diplomas
  • Obtaining the Work Permit
  • Obtaining the short/ long stay visa
  • Obtaining/extending the residence permit
  • Obtaining the residence certificate
  • Settling of tax residence upon arrival in/departure
  • Family reunification procedure
  • Procedure for deploying citizens in foreign countries
  • Obtaining the A1 and S1 forms
  • Our team is at your disposal with relevant information about foreign nationals legislation and abroad work missions.

For more details you can contact us at adecco@adecco.hu


Adecco Training has a wide range of programs for training and structural development. Our programs are developed keeping in mind the needs of our partners following the latest training design.

Adecco Training offers ready-made programs for all levels, from hard skills (technical) to soft skills (management for middle & top management teams).

We strongly believe that we can support our partners for the entire length of their career, from employment to structural development.

Mass recruitment

If you want to expand your existing production capacity or to create a new enterprise and you want to hire qualified personnel for certain profiles, qualifications and competences, Adecco helps you achieve this, by providing professional assistance, in order for you to make the right choice.

Mass recruitment involves attracting and managing a large number of applications for more than 50 vacancies. Mass recruitment is a highly complex process which requires its own logistics, including components connected to advertising the vacant positions in the media, screening candidates and last but not least the deployment of an efficient psychological assessment and sorting system.

Adecco has the methodology and the tools necessary for real-time processing of candidates, also providing consultancy throughout the entire adjustment stage of the new employees.

Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is the world leading provider of custom HR services. The quality services we offer reflect our accurate awareness of the market and our in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, following 50 years of accumulated experience and knowledge, during which we have implemented modern techniques and methods of work.

We design new solutions for our clients, in order to make the processes within the field of human resources more efficient and cost-effective.

With over 31.000 employees and more than 5000 branches, in more than 60 countries, Adecco offers a wide range of human resources services.

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