Time to think flexible

Enjoy the same salary and the same benefits as full-time workers with the added benefit of more flexibility.

…not just temporary

Try a flexible job before you decide on a permanent position. Choose from a wide range of industries and fields to gain experience and develop your skills.

There are many myths about temporary work which may prevent you from finding the right job. It is our mission to debunk these myths.

Myth #1: Personal leasing agencies take a percentage of your salary

Have you ever been told that temporary work is low paying because personal leasing agencies need to make a profit? The good news is that this myth is false: Your salary is untouched by the cost of recruitment services. You will always get the salary you agreed with your temporary work employer.

Myth #2: Temporary work is only for entry-level positions

Gone are the days when temp work was limited to production and seasonal distribution jobs. With flexible work solutions becoming increasingly attractive to companies and candidates alike, temporary positions are found in many industries and roles.

One area that offers a variety of opportunities for temporary work is the automotive industry. Choose one of our available roles and enjoy flexible working conditions in the most dynamic industries in Hungary.

Myth #3: You don’t get the same benefits as a full-time employee

These days, benefits are just as important as salary. Fortunately, you won’t miss out on anything by being hired in a temporary position. No matter where you work, you can get health insurance and other benefits, depending on the specifics of each role.

Myth #4: Temporary jobs don’t give you stability

For many people, temporary jobs are a stepping stone to a future career. By working with a staffing agency, you’ll have the opportunity to move to a larger city with a larger array of jobs so your career can flourish. Plus, if you work in a filed such as the automotive industry, the skills you acquire will help you get a permanent position in a stable sector.

Myth #5: Temporary work is only for certain ages

Because temporary positions are so flexible, they are accessible to everyone. Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can have a work contract and develop their skills for their future career.

Having dispelled all these myths about temporary work, it’s time to find a position that suits you. Discover our list of available jobs and contact us to see how we can help you.